What is Image Search?

Reverse Image Search is an image-based search. An image is given to the system, and the system then displays the results wherever a given image is found. Instead of giving keywords to an image search engine, reverse photo search is search by image and you get the found matches as a result.

Generally, we head towards Google to get any information including photos or videos and so on about a particular topic. On the contrary, some people prefer to look up images they already have got in an attempt to find out more about the images. This approach is known as the photo search.

Reverse photo search allows you to search by image instead of keywords. You can upload a photo from your mobile phone, tablet, and desktop, and Google reverse image search will show you all the similar image search on the internet.

Search by image is very helpful in verifying the source of images, screenshots, and memes. Facebook and Tinder users often use photo search to search by a picture, the profile of their potential dates while travelers use it to find the location in a given photo.

No doubt, reverse photo search can be used for many reasons. Anyone who has spent time meeting or dating people on social networking sites like Facebook and Tinder use photo search to make sure that people really are who they say they are. Models and artists can search by image to find any illicit use of their work. There are endless possibilities!