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About Reverse Image Search

Reverse photo search is the latest technology in the world of internet that has changed the approach toward the pursuit of similar image search online. Since 2001, when Google images were introduced first, it has been helping many internet users to find the appropriate similar images that they are searching for keywords. At least 90% of internet users must have used Google search using the image or some other image search engine for various reasons. However, owing to the latest technological advancements it is now all about image search or find pictures by images rather than keywords which are called image search engine.

It is a search engine technique that takes a query image file as an input and returns you the images related to the query images as results. Search engines that allow this technology include TinEye and Google image search. Besides that now there are various websites available that offer image search now.

How does image search engine Work?

Image search engines or similar image search/lookup programs generate their results from various search engines including Google, Yandex, and Bing. An image search technique is utilized which then builds a calculated model of the query image or URL using advanced procedures. You could use this program for many reasons.

You might be looking for a particular image source and its details, or you could be looking for the name of a specific location which you are not familiar with.

The one thing that users are most concerned about is their privacy. Everyone wants to know if the images they are uploading for reverse photo lookup are safe or not. They want to be confident that their data isn’t saved or shared anywhere else. Be carefree because ensures you the complete security of your images. Learn more how reverse image lookup works.

Who Should Use photo search app ?

Using an image search can benefit you in a lot of different situations. Let’s have a look at some of the uses of reverse image search:

  • Webmasters, digital marketers, and SEOs can find the sites that are using their images to get links and image credit
  • Rights holders and photographers who want to find the sources where their work is used without permission or giving credit
  • Anyone who wants to find out the source of an image
  • Users who want to check if their images are being misused on the internet
  • To see who holds the rights to an image and its content
  • For finding fake accounts on the social networking websites

How to Use similar image search

Using this Google similar image search tool is very simple and fascinating. You need no expertise or rocket science, all you need is an internet connection. Follow these simple steps:

Upload the query image from your computer


Now, click on Similar image search button

Within in only a few seconds, you will get the results showing you all the images that match the image that you have submitted.

How to Use Search by Image

Whenever you find a photo on the internet, on Google, and social media platform or somewhere else, you could feel sometimes compelled to save a copy of it. Since there are many websites and other resources to locate an image source, it could take forever. It is even harder to find the thumbnails, alternate sizes, cropped versions, and other websites using the image. But with reverse image search, it is no longer an issue.

Search by image or reverse picture lookup is a straightforward process in which you just have to upload an image or provide the image URL, and the image search engine will return the image by matching the image pattern or shapes for efficiently locating the online copies of the image. By exhibiting enough patience, you can even be lucky enough to find an original image source which might even have the highest resolution.

There are many photo search tools based on text, but the search by image is also growing in use and popularity slowly but steadily. Here are some of the uses of search by image :

  • Using search by image, you can look up a person’s photos for the verification of identification, and see if it’s them.
  • Reverse photo search allows you to find out an individual’s social websites accounts such as on various dating and social networking sites including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, eHarmony,, Hinge, etc., and even public forums.
  • To see if their photos are not being stolen and used illegally, models and photographers can use reverse image search. This could even allow them to recoup their money.
  • At times spammers can steal the photos of your rental and list them as their own to illegally take your deposit. Reverse Photo Search can be used to make sure that their rentals have not been listed anywhere else.
  • Reverse Photo Search is also helpful to find lost ones, loved ones, and old flames by just uploading the images.
  • You can use facebook image search to find products that you might have seen online or in the shop, and you would like to buy. For instance, there is a recipe or product on Pinterest that you are interested in, but there isn’t any product page linked to it to see where you can buy the products. You can upload an image and search by image.
  • To track down, your favorite artists is not a big deal now. If there is a piece of art or painting that you really admire, you can use facebook image search to find out who it belongs to.
  • Do you want to find out the name of your favorite celebrity? Reverse Photo lookup to your rescue!
  • Plagiarized content on your site can also be figured out or various marketing efforts such as infographics. You can see where else your images exist using search by image.
  • If you own pictures or art pieces that you would like to sell, you can use the reverse photo lookup to see where else the images exist on the web. This would allow you to save yourself from trouble, by protecting your copyrights.