How does Reverse Image Search work?

Reverse Image Search works by using search by image which allows people to search by photo to find matching images. You can do this by simply uploading a given image if you click on “Upload Image” or providing the image URL. Image search engine such as Google, Yandex, and Bing achieve this by the evaluation of submitted image and creating a calculated model of it with the help of advanced procedures. It is then matched with numerous other images in the databases of Google, Yandex, or Bing before finally returning the matched, similar image results. However, whenever available, Google can also use meta-data such as description about the image.

Our Reverse Photo Lookup uses image recognition technique to search for similar photos and find pictures that match your photo search query. It does not use any data associated with the query image including image name. When you submit an image to search by image, our photo search tool creates a unique and compact fingerprint or digital signature for using image recognition, then compares the digital signature or fingerprint to every other image on the web to find potential matches. Reverse Image Search uses accurate and robust image recognition and has the ability to find even partial image matches to the query image.

In addition to finding similar images having the same subject matter, search by image also focuses on the exact matches including the ones that are edited, cropped or resized.