Is Reverse Image Search 100% free to use?

Yes! It is entirely free for use. The functionality of our photo search tool depends on search by image user agreement.

Making use of reverse photo lookup, you can easily search by image which is known as Reverse Image Search. You can simply do this by uploading an image or entering the web URL. Moreover, you can also drag and drop the images to upload, in order to search by image. Search by photo will instantly crawl the image search engine to find and match the similar images. At present, our image search engine crawls about 22 billion photos for a given photo search.

Every time you use our Reverse Image Search website to search by image, your query image is never saved, indexed, or shared with any third party, making sure the privacy of your pictures. That is why photo search with our reverse photo search is completely secure and confidential. We keep adding new photos to our image search engine on a regular basis. Using it, you can find picture that matches or is similar to your query image.

Searching attributes for reverse image search have made it very convenient and trouble-free to search by picture and return filtered results in order to get you the image that you are actually looking for. With our photo finder tool, we strive to give you the best results including higher resolution images, cropped or manipulated versions, and alternate sizes.